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Welcome to the Monolith Users Community site.

Monolith is the first, and the only, Unified Service Assurance Software but you know that already so the purpose of this site is to provide a community for Monolith Users to share ideas, tips, tricks and other relevant information.

This site is sponsored by Eirteic РThe Service Assurance Company, however the ownership belongs to you the Monolith User. Please feel free to post suggestions on how we can improve the site.


Have you seen the new Wiki entries and the new forum posts? Do you want to contribute? The please feel free to create an account and join the community for the number one software for a Unified Approach for Infrastructure Management.

Here are some recent highlights:

Also we would like to extend an welcome to those of you use Monolith on a daily basis. If you have any interesting stories or helpful advice relating to your Monolith experience then please feel free to let us know. We’ll see you in the forums!

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