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      What happens, when syslog or trap messages are coming in at a rate that the DB can’t keep up with the insert/updates?
      Does the aggregator start to drop messages or does it queue them up until the database can catch up?

      These messages would be placed in the queue and they would show up on the event list with delay.
      However if such an aggregator would be restarted (i.e. in the event of adjusting the rules files) those messages would be dropped.
      As long as the service is running those messages should appear on the event list, but in such a situation it is recommended to watch at the db queues, as if they will keep rising, that would indicate that number of threads will have to increased.

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      In Monolith, MySql tables are all DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8, but Does Monolith (3.6.2) support UTF-8 for syslogs, traps handling, so they would processed & viewed correctly?

      We had look at some code where we explicitly had to convert a string into utf-8, in order to be processed in Monolith.

      my $line=encode("utf8", decode("iso-8859-1", $Packet->{'Message'}));

      The utf-8 traps were processed without any problems.

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